The Intern Experience: Samantha Pulsford

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Sam with DogAs a supporter of the important and tireless work that PETA does to help animals, I was thrilled when I was accepted to intern for PETA Asia in the Philippines!

My nerves about interning quickly subsided, as the staffers were very friendly and helpful. Their positive attitude and devotion to helping animals really put me at ease. Working in the office gave me a valuable insight into the important campaigns of PETA Asia and its affiliates around the world. I learned a lot about these campaigns by doing research and actively participating wherever possible. Working in the office gave me an idea of how much hard work the team at PETA does behind the scenes to make sure campaigns reach the public’s attention!

A fun highlight for me was dressing up as Santa, while heading out with other staffers (dressed as elves) to hand out posters, leaflets, and stickers to the people of Manila. Through such initiatives, we as a team were able to educate the public about the benefits of veganism.

Sam as Santa

Another highlight was going out with my supervisor, Ashley, and other officemates to help feed and bathe some lonely dogs who were chained up and hungry in a nearby city. It was very moving to be able to help these sweet dogs and show them some much-needed and long-overdue affection. Seeing how much the “street dogs” cherished these visits made me appreciate the important work that PETA Asia and other animal rights charities in the region are doing on a daily basis.

I will have fond memories of my internship and the friends I made, and what I learned will stay with me for the rest of my life. I encourage anyone else who is thinking about interning for PETA Asia to go for it! I’ll miss the yummy lunches for years to come!

If you would like to apply to be an intern for PETA Asia, please click here.

Posted by Samantha Pulsford