The Vegan Family Man

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

At 43 years old, vegan expert Susianto Tseng is a living example of just how easy and fun a vegan lifestyle can be.

Susianto is the Asia-Pacific coordinator of the International Vegetarian Union and has the job of sorting through data on vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and exploring why they promote good health. He received a doctorate from The University of Indonesia for his research into the health benefits of the fermented soy food tempeh.

“Look at what happens to the vegans of Hunza in Pakistan, who live on average more than 100 years, compared to Eskimos whose life expectancy is much shorter because they eat meat every day,” Susianto explains.

“People who eat meat and smoke have a 70 percent chance of having a heart attack, and a 50 percent chance if they don’t smoke,” he says. “Then, it will reduce insignificantly to 39 percent, should they be vegetarian but it will continue to drop to 14 percent if they are vegan.”

The man appears to be an expert on all aspects of the vegan lifestyle and is truly living it in every aspect of his life. His entire family has gone vegan. His wife had an entirely vegan pregnancy. They even named their youngest child Vegania!

On the subject of going vegan, Susianto says, “It will be a challenge for people who don’t have will power. As long as you are strong willed, then it will not be a problem.” We couldn’t agree more!

Do you want to follow in Susianto’s inspiring footsteps? Take PETA’s Pledge to Be Veg for 30 Days today!

Posted by Jason Baker