Top 10 Tues … Wednesday: Common Mistakes Made by Animal Lovers (Part 2)

Posted on by Ashley Fruno


Mistake 6: Donning a wool sweater

Sheep shearing is a cruel practice that results in gashes, bruises, and wounds from quick, careless hands and sharp shears. Most wool used in apparel comes from Australia, where many farmers practice mulesing (cutting away chunks of skin from around a sheep’s tail).

Shearing leaves sheep battered and bloody.

Shearing leaves sheep battered and bloody.

Mistake 7: Taking in too many animals (becoming a hoarder)

Housing a large number of animals reduces the quality of life for all of them. Identify how many animals you can realistically care for without compromising their quality of care. When you can’t remember everyone’s name, it’s time to get help.

Mistake 8: Treating Rex and Tiger like “cargo”

Dogs and cats can be killed in cargo holds when a flight has connections or is delayed and the hold gets fatally hot or cold. Other animals escape and are never found.

Mistake 9: Getting taken for a ride

Horses used to pull carriages are forced to dodge traffic and pound the pavement all day long, toiling in all weather extremes. Many horses end up suffering from unnecessary ailments.

Mistake 10: Watching movies that feature animal “actors”

Animals aren’t ours to use for entertainment! There is no excuse for mistreating or depicting the mistreatment of animals for the sake of entertainment and ratings. If you see a movie that promotes cruelty to animals, take a moment to write to the CEO of the movie’s production company and ask him or her to use more sophisticated alternatives, such as computer-generated imagery or animation.

Ever made a mistake that you regretted? Did you used to chow down on chicken drumsticks or attend the annual rodeo in your hometown? You can renew your karma now! Activate the animal activist in you and get on the path to a compassionate, animal-saving lifestyle.

Posted by Jason Baker.