Top 10 Tuesday: Cruelty-Free Ways to Repel Critters

Posted on by PETA

All animals have feelings and have a right to live free from unnecessary suffering—even if some people consider them to be “pests” or “ugly.” Fortunately, you can control most insects safely and naturally with a wide variety of products—many of which you probably have in your kitchen cabinets right now! See below for some of our favorite “pest”-control solutions:

1. Crushed Garlic

Got a line of ants stretching from your kitchen to Timbuktu? Sprinkle crushed garlic or powdered hot peppers wherever you see ’em crawling.

2. Homemade Mosquito Repellent

“How do I fend off hungry mosquitoes?” asks PETA Asia’s Rebecca Chui. “A mixture of equal parts citronella, lavender, and clove oil usually does the trick!”

3. Bay Leaves

This is nature’s best-kept secret for repelling cockroaches: Simply place bay leaves inside your cabinets—especially in your kitchen.

4. Catnip

“Some pet supply stores carry a ready-made spray, but you can also steep chopped catnip in a couple cups of boiling water,” suggests PETA Asia Director Jason Baker. “Refrigerate the concoction after straining it to remove the leaves, and put the liquid in a spray bottle. Spray it around baseboards, countertops, and under furniture. Works great!”

5. Humane Mouse Trap

Trap and relocate those unwanted “pests” with this handy cruelty-free mouse trap!

6. Cloves

Hanging clusters of cloves in a room for an hour or two is a unique and effective way to keep moths from flying in.

7. Clean!

“There’s no easier way to keep critters out than to keep your home clean!” explains PETA Asia staffer Ashley Fruno. “Wash dishes right away, empty garbage promptly, and store food in tightly sealed containers to ensure that you don’t get uninvited guests.”

8. Make Your Home Rodent-Proof

Seal off spaces where mice and rats can enter, making sure to cover vents and plug gaps around piping.

9. The Soap Trick

“My mom recommends repelling pesky critters by running a bar of soap alongside doorjambs, sills, or lintels,” says PETA Asia’s Katrina Lugartos.

10. Cohabitate!

If all else fails, learn to coexist peacefully! Who knows? A creepy critter could eventually turn into a cuddly cutie!