Top 10 Tuesday: Ways to Speak Up for Farmed Animals!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The food industry kills more animals than laboratories, fur farmers, trappers, circuses, and hunters combined. Cutting meat, eggs, and dairy products out of your diet makes an enormous difference—you will save more than 100 animals every year just by switching to a healthy vegan diet. Why not multiply your impact many times over by encouraging people in your community to follow your lead with these simple acts?

  1. Speak up! When people ask you why you don’t eat animals, don’t just call it a “personal choice.” Instead, paint a vivid picture of cruelty and explain how easy it is to go vegan!
  2. Speak up! Within earshot of the shopper ahead of you in the queue at the market, talk with a friend about the video you saw on factory farming. Have loud conversations on the subway or on the bus about how great it is to be vegan. People eavesdrop all the time—why not take advantage of that in order to help animals?
  3. Watch our powerful videos and stream them to your personal Web page or blog. Ask your friends and family members to watch them with you.
  4. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for animal-related issues and write a letter in support of animal rights to the editor of every magazine or newspaper that you read. The letter page is the most popular section of most daily newspapers and magazines, and one published letter could reach tens of thousands of people!
  5. The next time you’re in a restaurant that lacks animal-friendly choices, politely ask the manager if he or she would consider offering vegan foods. Be sure to mention why offering vegan foods is important: A vegan option is a good way to reach out to health-conscious and vegan diners, people who are have allergies, or anyone with religious dietary restrictions.
  6. Work with your school or office cafeteria to ensure that more vegan options are available on their menus. Every vegan meal served is a victory for animals!
  7. Ask permission to set up an information table at places like the local shopping mall, concerts, street and craft fairs, and area schools. Stock your table with leaflets and factsheets (available from local animal rights groups, or e-mail us for a free supply), and get ready to educate!
  8. Take yummy vegan food to the next office or dinner party. What better way to promote veganism than by showing your colleagues or friends just how tasty cruelty-free dining can be?
  9. Spend an hour handing out leaflets. Personal interaction can have a big impact!
  10. Join PETA’s Activist Network. PETA will connect you with activists in your area and alert you when quick action is needed on national, regional, or local animal issues.

Posted by Rochelle Regodon