Top 10 Tuesday: Travel Must-Haves

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

We gave you our top 10 travel tips last week, so this week, we got together and compiled our list of must-haves that you and your animal companion should pack to make sure that your upcoming vacation goes smoothly:

1. Carrier
Use a sturdy carrying kennel with a secure clasp. Make sure that the carrier is well-ventilated with at least a 2-cm rim around the sides. Double check the carrier’s clasp, and consider padlocking it.

2. Rehydrate!
Pack a foldable water bowl and plenty of fresh water for rehydration breaks while on the road.

3. Treats
Be sure to bring along plenty of treats, such as catnip, Greenies chew toys, or vegan dog biscuits. Yummy!

4. Flashlight
You never know when dear Rover will need to be let outside for a late-night bathroom break!

5. Front-Lead Harness
Invest in a harness that will prevent your dog from being dragged around by his neck. Front-lead harnesses prevent pulling as well!

6. First-Aid Kit
Because accidents do occur, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Snuggly Blanket
Nothing’s better than a nice nap in the car, so why not give your special friend something to snuggle up in?

8. Photo
Carry a photograph of your animal companion—if he or she goes missing, having a photo handy could make the search easier.

9. Litter and a Box
Make sure that Kitty has plenty of litter and a box—it’ll save you a messy clean-up or last-minute litter run!

10. ‘Save Our Animals’ Sticker
Never leave your companion animal behind during an emergency. Invest in these stickers to make sure that your loved ones aren’t left in an emergency.

Any other travel-friendly tips and must-haves? Leave a comment below!

Posted by Ashley Fruno