Victory! Aussie Designer Camilla Franks Drops Fur

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Camilla Franks Ditches FurAfter an eye-catching protest at her flagship store, half a dozen leafleting events, and thousands of e-mails from compassionate people like you, we’re happy to announce that Camilla Franks now joins the ranks for kind designers like Gail Elliott, Ginger & Smart, One Teaspoon, Alannah Hill, Fleur Wood, High Tea, Justin Davis, Nicola Finetti, and Joveeba in pledging never to use real fur again.

Through undercover video, fur farms were discovered in China—where there are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms —on which animals are bludgeoned and beaten until they can be skinned alive. Workers on these farms often stomp on the necks of terrified animals after they are kept in cramped, unsanitary cages for their entire lives.

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Posted by Jason Baker