Victory! Mali One Step Closer to Freedom

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The Philippine House Committee on Natural Resources approved a resolution supporting the transfer of Mali to a sanctuary in Thailand. Although no final decision has been made about moving Mali, support for her transfer continues to grow. Congress will have at least two additional hearings before the resolution can be finalized, but this approval represents a giant step toward freedom for Mali.

Mali elephant congress

PETA’s Jana Sevilla and Congresswoman Luzviminda C. Ilagan

Mali elephant congress

Jana prepares for her impassioned speech

Mali congress hearing

The hall after the session finished

Also this week, Rep. Imelda Marcos released a statement of support for giving Mali a better life. Marcos, who was the first lady when Mali was brought to the Philippines in 1977, said, “If this transfer would protect the best interests of Mali, I post no objection on this and I would like to express my full support to this initiative. Though Mali would be greatly missed, I will be happy to see her embark on a journey towards a better life.”

This is just the beginning of Mali’s fight for freedom. Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim still opposes sending Mali to a better life in a sanctuary. Please write to or call the Office of the Mayor and urge him to do what’s right for Mali and for the reputation of Manila:

The Honorable Alfredo Lim
Mayor of Manila
Manila City Hall
Villegas Street
Ermita, Manila, Philippines
+63 (02) 527-4991
+63 (02) 527-4983 (fax)
[email protected]

Please check out these ideas for how you can support the campaign for Mali, and don’t forget to “like” our “Free Mali” page on Facebook for regular updates!

Posted by Edwina Baier