Victory! QGC Pledges to Protect Wildlife

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

After learning that animals were drowning because they were unable to climb the slippery, plastic-lined banks of Queensland Gas Company (QGC) coal seam gas evaporation ponds, PETA Australia immediately took action. Our good friends Down Under wrote to QGC, and after much persistence, their hard work paid off. The company responded and promised to install this way out for wildlife:

“Our policy is that all new, lined ponds have fences 1.8m high on the tops of embankments. This is done specifically to prevent entry by wildlife. … QGC is in the process of laying out cargo netting or safety ramps for lined ponds so animals [who] enter them may find a way out. … This work is a priority for us, in line with our commitment to reducing to the minimum practicable … adverse effects of our operations on the environment,” said the response from a QGC representative. Yay!

Posted by Ashley Fruno