Victory! Rachel Gilbert Goes Fur-Free!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

In what can only be described as another victory for the little guy, Rachel Gilbert has decided to remove all fur from her collection.

Her compassionate decision comes after PETA Australia activists took to the runway during her showing at last month’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, chanting, “Fur is murder.” The designer received flowers from Australian pop-rock duo The Veronicas to thank her for her compassionate decision.

Luckily, there is no need to be cruel to stay warm and look cool. Cruelty-free fabrics and faux furs are available in stores everywhere, and PETA continues to work with designers and clothing retailers to encourage them to use and sell only animal-friendly fabrics.

Gilbert joins other designers—including Alannah Hill, Camilla Franks, and Gail Elliott—in refusing to support an industry that confines animals to barren cages for their entire lives before killing them by anal electrocution, strangulation, or bludgeoning.

Go on—if Rachel Gilbert did it, so can you! Pledge to be fur-free today.

Posted by Ashley Fruno