Video: Frog Dismembered and Eaten While Still Alive in Japan

Posted on by PETA

In a sickening viral video that has recently resurfaced, a helpless frog stares into the eyes of his abuser as she slowly picks him apart and eats him alive.

The disturbing video shows the dismembered animal struggling in agony on a plate with his own disconnected body parts. We then see him staring blankly, unable to get away, as the woman smiles for the camera and eats his body bit by bit.

Warning: Graphic

While horrifying, scenes like this are not uncommon. Throughout Asia, live animals deemed “delicacies” endure similarly grotesque deaths.

In South Korea, live octopuses are served to diners, who eat the animals bit by bit while they struggle to escape. In Japan, live fish are filleted and served with hearts still beating and mouths still gasping. In Guam, fruit bats are boiled alive and served in soup. In China, whole live fish are deep-fried and served with moving heads intact, and people pay for the thrill of catching and eating live shrimp before they escape from their plates.

This is the stuff of nightmares.

What You Can Do

As long as it’s considered acceptable to eat animals, this horror will continue. Since eating vegan is easier than ever, there’s simply no reason for any animals to end up on our plates—live or otherwise. Going vegan is easier than ever. If you’re eating out or shopping at your favorite grocery store, you can discover a whole new world of delicious cruelty-free options.

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