Watch a Crayfish Remove His Own Claw to Escape a Boiling Pot

Posted on by PETA

No one wants to be boiled. A crayfish who was being boiled alive in a pot of hot soup made a courageous attempt to save his own life as diners at a restaurant in China looked on. The animal climbed out of the pot, took hold of a claw that was either trapped or too injured to be used,  detached it from his body, and fled, while a patron captured the escape on video.

Social media user Jiuke, who shot the film, posted it to popular Chinese social media platform Weibo and was flooded with comments begging him to let the tiny crustacean live. He responded that he had adopted the animal and would be keeping him as a companion.

Another crayfish performed a similarly daring feat in an attempt to save her own life in another viral video posted in April. The footage shows the animal clinging to the side of a steaming pot on a stove while the bodies of her friends—and, quite possibly, her family members—cook in the water beneath her.

Like all animals, crustaceans and fish feel pain. And like all animals, they value their own lives and don’t want to die. Please share these videos and spread the message.