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Exposed: Chinese Dog-Leather Industry

PETA’s undercover investigation shows terrified dogs as they are bludgeoned and then skinned.

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Stabbing Bulls to Death Isn’t ‘Culture’

Bullfighting has no place in any civilized society. Ask the Spanish authorities to relegate this cruel and senseless spectacle to the history books.

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Pledge That the Only Skin You’re in Is Your Own ©

Pledge That the Only Skin You’re in Is Your Own

Every fur coat, every leather shoe, every snakeskin wallet—it’s all the same because it’s their skin, not ours.

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Monkeys STILL Chained, Abused for Coconut Milk

Do your coconut products come from companies that exploit monkeys?

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PETA Investigation Shows Rabbits Bludgeoned, Chinchillas Electrocuted for Fur

A new PETA investigation shows that animals are still suffering for the fur industry. If you wear fur, this is what you’re supporting.

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Australian Wool Industry Continues to Abuse Sheep

PETA’s new expose of the Australian wool industry is more proof that these gentle animals are viciously beat in shearing sheds.

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TAKE ACTION: Donkeys’ Heads Bashed in With Sledgehammers, Throats Cut in China for Gelatin in Their Skin

These gentle animals are killed for one reason: so that their skins can be sold to leading traditional medicine companies in China.

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Crocodiles Die Horrifically in Vietnam for Louis Vuitton Leather Bags

This video exposé reveals the shocking deaths of crocodiles in Vietnam to make “luxury” leather bags for Louis Vuitton and other brands—please help us stop this!

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Pledge to Be Fur-Free ©

Pledge to Be Fur-Free

By signing the pledge, you’ll be sending a powerful message to the fur industry, designers, retailers, and others who directly profit from the suffering caused by fur.

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Pledge to Lose the Leather With Pamela Anderson ©

Pledge to Lose the Leather With Pamela Anderson

Please help Pamela Anderson put a stop to this cruelty by signing our pledge to go leather-free.

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