Activists Organize Post-Eruption Rescue at Mount Merapi

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Mount Merapi Animal Rescue, JAAN

In the aftermath of Mount Merapi’s devastating eruption, animal rescue organizations Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Animal Friends Jogja, and the Centre for Orangutan Protection were among the first to arrive and help with rescue operations.

Mount Merapi Animal Rescue, JAAN

These brave volunteers helped nurse injured livestock, fed starving macaques, and saved stranded cats and dogs. Unfortunately, many animals were not so lucky—some were abandoned by fleeing guardians and their corpses were found still tethered to chains or trapped in cages.

In a major disaster, local emergency teams are often stretched to the limit, and it can take days for additional help to arrive. The bottom line is that animal guardians are the best—and maybe even the only—chance that any animal has for rescue. Responsible guardians must have a plan to keep all their family members safe!

Posted by Ashley Fruno