Actor Han Geng Speaks Out Against Animal Circuses

Posted on by PETA

Wearing a heavy chain and sitting on a circus-style pedestal, former Super Junior member Han Geng has teamed up with PETA Asia to spread the word that animals are not ours to use for entertainment.

“I choose to perform, and I get to go home at night, but animals in circuses are beaten, bullied, and kept in cages for the majority of their miserable lives,” says Geng. “My friends at PETA Asia and I urge everyone to stand up to this abuse by never buying a ticket to a circus with animal acts.”

Circuses use physical punishment to terrify animals into performing. Animals are beaten, shocked, and whipped to make them perform tricks that are meaningless and confusing to them. To make some animals “manageable,” trainers may drug them or remove their teeth and claws, causing acute and chronic pain.

Often, the barbaric abuse begins when the animals are still babies. Young elephants are forcibly removed from their mothers so that their spirits can be forever broken.

How You Can Help Animals in the Circus

Join Geng in speaking up for animals! Remember that every circus ticket purchased directly supports the suffering of these animals. Never go to any circus that uses animals, and encourage your friends and family to stay away, too.