Help Animals on Twitter Now!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

If you’re looking to make a big impact for animals today, look no further than your tweets! Twitter’s been used as a powerful way to spread information, communicate with corporations, and even support revolutions, so why not use it to spread the word about animal rights? Whether you’re a Twitter novice or a master of hashtags, the five steps below will help you speak out for animals and stay in touch with PETA Asia.

  1. Tweet about animal rights in your life. Cooking a delicious vegan dinner? Post a link to the recipe. Going to a protest or volunteering at a local organization? Tweet about it and invite your followers to join you. Be sure to retweet your favorite animal rights tweets from people you follow too!
  2. Join the conversation by using hashtags creatively. Include tags like #vegan and #PETAAsia when talking about animals, and don’t be afraid to jump on trending topics and turn them into an animal rights discussion! #loveallanimals #makeadifference
  3. Share a twitpic! Get creative by tweeting a photo of the yummy #vegan (see, what I did there?) sandwich you just made, that faux-leather jacket you love, or your trusty feline pal napping on your keyboard.
  4. Get your friends involved in the fight for animal rights by sharing links to PETA’s urgent alerts and campaigns and asking your followers to take action and retweet.
  5. Show your love for animals by creating a custom Twitter background that features your favorite animal or a PETA campaign logo. Get creative and make something compelling—just make sure you have the rights to whatever image you use!

There’s so much that you can do and share on Twitter every day to keep yourself and your followers updated on the latest in animal rights, so get started today! For more great ways that you can make a difference for animals, join PETA’s Activist Network. Happy tweeting!

Posted by Ashley Fruno

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