Are You Really Like Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Chinese Zodiac DragonAs we near the end of the Year of the Rabbit and approach the Year of the Dragon, let’s take a look at each zodiac sign and see how accurate they are at matching your true character!

Animals have their own individual personalities, just as people do. But do the zodiac signs actually match the general characteristics of the animals and people they represent? If this is your year and you are a rabbit, you are most likely to be a popular person who enjoys being surrounded by family and friends.

The dragon is the only zodiac sign that is based on a mythical animal, and dragons are seen as energetic, charismatic, and born leaders. If you are a strong, courageous leader but not a dragon, you must surely be a tiger—the other authoritative sign in the zodiac.

Perhaps you hate the idea of being stuck in a leader’s role and prefer to travel and enjoy your freedom? Most likely you are a horse—energetic and free. Certainly you would not be a solid, hard-working, and serious sign such as the ox.

If you were born in the year of the pig, you have much to be proud of, as pigs in the zodiac seem to represent their real-life counterparts well—being well mannered, intelligent, and pleasant. Far from being dirty or stupid, pigs, in fact, enjoy listening to music, playing with soccer balls, and getting massages!  Rats are also very clever and are loyal and generous as well as quick-witted and funny!

Of course, for faithfulness, it is no surprise that the loyal dog  is at the top of the list. If this is your sign, you also are likely to be very honest and sometimes sensitive. Another sensitive sign is the goat, who is normally very creative and a great thinker but needs love and support.

The practical and resourceful rooster is very honest and trusting. Perhaps this would leave the rooster open to the charming and seductive snake, who is also very smart. And let’s not forget the fun and energetic monkey, who is a good listener but occasionally lacks self-control!

If you don’t already know what sign you are, look it up and see how accurately it matches your own character. And if you take the time to think about the character of each of these animals, you will understand why animal rights  matter.

Posted by Claire Fryer