UPDATE: Egypt Clarifies Cattle Mutilations

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

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Photo thanks to Anonymous for Animal Rights, Israel

UPDATE: PETA Australia has received assurance from the Australian government that they have communicated with the Egyptian government on this matter, and that the ears of animals will not be cut off prior to slaughter. Thank you to everyone who took the time to speak up on behalf of animals – your letters make a difference! However, it is still unclear if Australian animals in Egypt will have the implants removed from their ears prior to slaughter as the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has advised has occurred previously. PETA Australia investigators have seen firsthand how cattle are treated in Egypt so there is little faith that this procedure would remotely be humane. PETA Australia is waiting for a response from the Australian Minister of Agriculture.

Egyptian media have reported that a scientific committee is recommending that all Australian cattle have their ears cut off prior to slaughter. The recommendation comes in response to Australian cattle in Egypt having been held for several weeks following the discovery of hormone growth promotants (HGPs) in the ears of some animals.

Egyptian authorities have demonstrated their mistrust of HGPs and are likely to accept the findings of this scientific committee, leaving Australian cattle open to this extreme mutilation—most likely with no pain relief—prior to their final inhumane slaughter.

It is very clear under Islamic law that for meat to be halal (“permissible”), animals must not experience any discomfort prior to being slaughtered. Cattle can’t be mutilated before being killed. Otherwise, the meat becomes haraam (“sinful”).

The animals will suffer on the journey to Egypt and then be mutilated prior to slaughter.

As ABC’s Four Corners has exposed, animals exported alive from Australia cannot be protected from abuse and mistreatment once they have left our shores. As in the case of the barbaric killing of 20,000 sheep in Pakistan, the Australian government will be powerless to stop cattle from having their ears cut off if Egyptian authorities mandate this mutilation.

PETA’s investigations have exposed the abuse and mistreatment of animals used for live export on numerous occasions. There can be no doubt that these recent reports present a very real threat of further torture for animals exported to Egypt. If you think it’s time for the Australian authorities to act, then please e-mail Joe Ludwig, the minister of agriculture, fisheries and forestry, at [email protected] and politely ask him to ban the ships of death.

Posted by Claire Fryer