Emirates Airline Serves Over 20,000 Vegan Meals in January

Posted on by PETA

Emirates airline served more than 20,000 vegan meals across all its flights in January. The company has seen requests for plant-based meals increase by 40 percent in just the last month!

Emirates’ vegan meals include everything from mushroom ravioli and vegetable tagine served with couscous and a sweet potato to lentil and spinach ragout with rice. You may even find vegan cheese in meals—something that Emirates has been including since April 2018. The airline has also been serving delectable desserts, such as dairy- and egg-free chocolate cake and key lime parfait.

It’s no surprise that more and more travelers are opting for healthy, humane, and eco-friendly vegan meals, for their own well-being and to protect both animals and the environment. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, and in addition to being a major producer of greenhouse-gas emissions, it uses a tremendous amount of water, land, and food resources.

How to Request Vegan Meals for Your Flight

When flying, you may not be able to control who’s snoring in the seat next to yours, but you can guarantee that there will be a vegan meal in front of you.

If you’re jetting across international waters, you can rest assured that all the major airlines offer vegan meals on request. If you don’t submit a request for vegan food when you purchase your ticket, be sure to call the airline at least 72 hours before your flight to make the necessary arrangements and then confirm your meal again while checking in at the airport.

Finding vegan food in places all over the world is easier than ever, too. The helpful HappyCow app locates nearby vegan and vegan-friendly establishments and supplies all the necessary details about menu offerings and location. Other apps, like Veganagogo, will even help you order vegan food in another language. The future is here, and it’s vegan.