Five Ways to Never Be Silent on Facebook

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

FBCountless animals need you to help them—learn how you can go above and beyond to speak up for animals on Facebook!

You’ve shared links and liked photos, so what more can you do for animals on Facebook? You’d be surprised! Here are five ways that you can take your Facebook activism efforts to the next level. Read on and, of course, share these ideas with your friends:

  1. First impressions are everything, so show your friends what you’re all about by updating your cover photo or profile picture to something animal rights–related. Check out these neat tools to help you, or choose one of PETA’s custom-made photos.
  1. We rely on supporters to help us expose cruelty to animals, and sharing a PETA investigative video is the best way to inform your Facebook friends about what really happens on factory farms, inside laboratories, or even in animal shelters. Choose one of our numerous YouTube videos, and share it!
  1. When we mention a company or an organization that is participating in the abuse of animals—such as Philippine Airlines, Tony’s Shelter in Thailand, or the Manila Zoo, just to name a few—make your voice heard by posting on the company’s or organization’s Facebook page and urging its executives to make compassionate decisions.
  1. Get proactive by creating your own petition via Facebook’s Causes platform, and ask your friends and family to sign it and show their support. If you want to go above and beyond, create a “Wish” supporting the issue that you’re most passionate about and urge your loved ones to give generously to help animals.
  1. Starting to speak up for animals is a special moment, so mark it with a life event in your timeline! Tag friends (and PETA!), write a story, and upload photos of your first actions for animals.

P.S. The best way to stay informed about animal rights news and ways to take action is by joining PETA Asia’s Activist Network today!