Five Simple Ways to Help Animals on Facebook

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

These days, it seems like everyone and their mother (literally) is on Facebook. That is great news for animals, since Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching out and educating our online friends about our efforts to make the world a better place for animals everywhere.

Here are a few extremely simple ways that you can make a difference with just a few clicks!

‘Like’ PETA
Check out PETA Asia-Pacific’s official page and click “Like” to get all our up-to-the-minute news. You can post on our wall, comment on our posts, and upload your own pictures and videos to our page.

Suggest PETA to Your Friends
Once you have “liked” PETA Asia-Pacific, ask your friends to do the same (yes, even that guy from elementary school whom you have not spoken to in 30 years but who added you last month). Follow the “Suggest to Friends” link to get started.

What’s on Your Mind?       
Post updates to tell your friends about the action alerts you have participated in, how much you love your dog or cat, or how terrific your vegan cooking is. You are passionate about animal rights—let that shine through in your profile!

Share and Share Alike
One of the great things about Facebook is that it’s easy to have a regular impact by sharing PETA Asia-Pacific’s blog posts with your friends and family. How, you ask? At the bottom of every blog post, there’s a little link to post the story on Facebook. Follow that link, and each of your friends will see that blog post pop up when they sign on to Facebook.

Explore Causes
There is a lot more to Facebook than just profiles and pages. Facebook “causes,” for instance, allow you to raise awareness of and financial support for a specific issue or campaign.

Did you get this far only to remember that you don’t use Facebook? The principle is the same no matter where you spend your time online: Show your support for animals wherever you can. They need it!

Posted by Ashley Fruno