‘Game of Thrones’ Star Jerome Flynn: Reject Cruelty, Go Vegan

Posted on by PETA

Actor Jerome Flynn is no stranger to violence and horror, having starred in shows like Game of ThronesRipper Street, and Black Mirror. But while these are all fictional, animals raised for food endure a violent and traumatic reality.

Every. Single. Day.


From chickens who become crippled and collapse under their own bodyweight to pigs who are confined to concrete cells and forced to live in their own waste, the reality for these animals is worse than any horror film we could imagine.

In the video, Flynn also reminds people that these disgraceful conditions aren’t limited to “just a few bad apples” as the meat and dairy industries would like us to believe. They are the norm for animals around the globe who are killed for food.

“If we’re true to our own values, can we really justify inflicting all this suffering and violence on these emotionally sensitive, smart individuals just for a fleeting moment of taste?” he asks.

The answer, of course, is no.

In a PETA U.K. Q&A, Flynn explains that he has always loved animals but made the connection between their suffering and the food on his plate when he fell in love with a vegan in college. In fact, he credits early PETA materials with informing him about the way animals raised for food are treated.

As a vegan, he says that he doesn’t miss meat at all and promotes the many health benefits of not eating animals.

Flynn joins other celebrities who have spoken out against the slaughter of animals for food, including his Game of Thrones costar Peter Dinklage and fellow Brit Paul McCartney.

You can help end the cycle of violence by going vegan.