Get Bleating!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

computerHave you ever dreamed of a one-stop website and social network for everything vegan? Dream no more! Bleat is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for.

Bleat has all the features that would be expected of a social network, such as commenting, favoriting, following, sharing, and liking. Bleat also comes with some very exciting new features. For example, users can search for vegan shops, restaurants, events, groups, and fellow vegans anywhere in the world, enabling them to get the most out of a vegan lifestyle. In a nutshell, Bleat is what would happen if all your favorite vegan websites and social networks had a baby.

I constantly find myself drooling over the delicious vegan recipes section, but for those of you who are less food-crazy than I am, there is a lot of other content. Bleat understands that while users share a common interest in veganism, we do have different priorities, so news feeds can be tailored according to your interests. For example, environmentalists can see more content on veganism and the environment.

By creating a global community of vegans, Bleat empowers us. Campaigns (look for the “Free Mali” campaign!), vegan businesses, and even those who wish to share animal rights news now have a platform to reach thousands of supportive, compassionate, and likeminded individuals.

Although Bleat is primarily aimed at vegans, by being inclusive of nonvegans and those working toward veganism, it can help veganism become a mainstream practice by making the transition to veganism easier. The developers are ethical vegans, and their fundamental aim is to end animal suffering, which they intend to do by spreading veganism and also by helping vegans become animal rights activists.

Just when we thought Bleat couldn’t get any better—most of its profits will be funneled into the vegan movement through donations, advocacy, sponsorships, and any other means possible.

The website is currently still a work in progress, and the developers have been overwhelmed by the instant success. (There were more than 26,000 visitors in the first week alone!) This popularity highlights how hungry vegans were for somewhere to unite, share ideas, and find fellow vegans. The creators have big plans for Bleat and hope that it can become the only online resource that you’ll ever need for everything and anything vegan.

Following Bleat on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and promoting it whenever possible (such as by featuring it in a blog post!) are simple but effective ways of raising awareness about both Bleat and veganism.

The support, information, and resources on Bleat make it easier than ever for people to go vegan—so what are you waiting for? Go vegan today!

Post written by former intern Briony Thompson