How to Be an Effective Armchair Activist for Animals!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

CatSo you want to make a difference for animals but don’t feel comfortable hitting the streets and putting yourself on the front line? Then armchair activism might just be for you! Luckily, you can help animals from your own living room!

The most important decision that we can make to help animals is to go vegan. Vegans are people who don’t consume or use animal flesh or any other products, including cow’s or goat’s milk, eggs, leather, and wool, that come from or have been tested on animals. Keep in mind that with every dollar you spend, you are casting a vote that is either supporting the abuse of animals or creating a greater demand for vegan options.

The way to reach a person’s compassionate side is often through his or her stomach! Bake vegan treats that you can offer to friends, family, and colleagues and serve at potlucks. After they have thoroughly enjoyed the treats, casually tell them that the treats were vegan.

If you cook for people, then make sure you prepare delicious, healthy meals. Create vegan versions of traditional dishes that people recognize and love and that are not too exotic for their taste buds. Last but not least, excite a person’s sweet tooth with a scrumptious vegan dessert!

If you don’t feel confident enough to work for animal rights on your own, then you can aid other activists in many ways. You can financially support animal rights organizations, sanctuaries, and animal shelters. You can also volunteer your time and skills as a virtual volunteer to many organizations.

Whether you are a good writer or not, write as much as possible. Sooner or later, you will become better, as effective writing is more of a skill than a talent. There are so many ways that you can put writing into practice to make a difference for animals. Create a website or a blog or comment on other people’s sites. Write letters to editors of magazines and newspapers, food manufacturers, cosmetics companies, and elected officials.

If you would like to make your neighborhood a little more vegan-friendly, send an e-mail to your local library and politely request it to extend its selection of books on veganism and animal rights so that many people will get the chance to borrow the books. You can also influence restaurants by sending them e-mails or calling them to inquire about vegan options.

Lastly, in case you long for an animal companion and are absolutely certain that you will be able to deal with the immense responsibility and long-lasting, costly commitment, then adopt an animal from a shelter and give him or her a loving and permanent home. No matter who you are, you can do something that really matters just by making lifestyle changes and speaking up for animals whenever possible.

Posted by PETA Asia-Pacific intern Olivia Lading