Jada Pinkett Smith Rescues Dog From Beijing Streets

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

When it comes to animals, Jada Pinkett Smith has a heart that’s as big as her incandescent smile. PETA Asia recently found out that the HawthoRNe star came to the rescue of a hungry puppy who was fending for himself on the streets of Beijing. Pinkett Smith encountered the dog during the shooting of the hit film The Karate Kid, which was produced by her and her husband, Will Smith. The film stars the couple’s son, Jaden (who also recorded a song for the soundtrack with Justin Bieber), and Jackie Chan.

The lucky dog, who has been nicknamed “Beijing Black,” has made himself at home with the Smith brood, which includes a number of other animals. After recognizing how unhappy snakes are in captivity, Jada vowed not to take home any more caged animals. Now, she says, “I like to rescue dogs.”

You can follow Smith’s great example by adopting a dog from your local animal shelter—or, if you already have an animal companion, get her or him spayed or neutered!

Posted by Ashley Fruno