Loyal Dog Who Waited by Road for a Year to Be Found Killed by Car in Thailand

Posted on by PETA

From the moment that she accidentally fell from her guardian’s truck more than a year ago, Loung waited patiently to be found. Each day, she’d return to the same spot on the busy highway in the hope of being reunited with her human.

Her body was found next to the road on Sunday after she was hit by a car.

During her long wait, the 3-year-old dog became a local celebrity and was fed daily by villagers. Over the year, many people claimed to be Loung’s guardian, but the loyal animal reportedly refused to leave her post.

Tragically, the hopeful dog was hit and killed by a car on the highway last week. Since her untimely death, her heartbreaking story has gone viral.

A dog-lovers’ club in Chanthaburi is reportedly giving her a proper burial in the Tha Mai district.

R.I.P., Loung—you deserved better.

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