What We Achieved for Animals in 2016

Posted on by Nirali Shah

It’s been another huge year for helping animals. With your help, we’ve ended abuse and raised awareness of cruelty.

Here’s a look back at just some of the many highlights of 2016:

Our Bag-With-a-Heartbeat Video Has Been Viewed by Millions

Have you seen “Behind the Leather,” the video that’s shocking people around the world? It shows that every animal-skin handbag stopped a beating heart—and it’s been seen by more than 100 million people globally.

RESCUED! Little Dogs Saved From Man Who Mercilessly Beat One in Viral Video

After a viral video emerged showing a heartless man beating a little dog who refused to pull him around on a cart, we tracked down his location and rescued his two dogs—and we documented the whole

We Blew the Lid off Chinese Circuses—and People Are Taking Action

This horrifying footage exposed a vile industry in which baby bears are chained to walls, tigers are beaten in order to force them to perform tricks, monkeys are driven insane, and more.

Thailand’s Tiger Temple Closes Permanently

In response to global pressure to end wildlife trafficking, 137 tigers from Kanchanaburi’s Tiger Temple in Thailand were seized and transferred to animal refuges around the country. This action followed the disappearance of three tigers last year as well as years of accusations that tigers at the facility were abused, drugged, and trafficked in the illegal wildlife trade.

Japan’s Last Fur Farm Shuts Its Doors

The last fur farm in Japan—the Otsuka mink farm in Niigata—closed this year. The country has joined the growing number of nations that have chosen to leave fur-farm cruelty behind.

TripAdvisor Stops Selling Tickets to Animal ‘Attractions’

TripAdvisor—the world’s largest travel site—announced that it will no longer sell tickets to animal “attractions,” including elephant rides, tiger encounters, and “swim with dolphins” excursions that put wild and endangered animals as well as travelers at risk. The decision was made after months of discussions and productive meetings with PETA U.S.

China to Approve First Non-Animal Cosmetics Test

After four years of hard work persuading the Chinese government to accept non-animal methods for cosmetics testing, scientists at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, whose work in China was first funded by a grant from PETA U.S., celebrated an important victory this year.

The Fur Industry Is Crashing

A new China News Service report shows that the country’s everyday shoppers and “luxury” fashion houses alike want nothing to do with a cruel industry. The crash in skins sales follows PETA exposés of Chinese leather manufacturers that export goods made from dogs who were beaten to death with wooden poles as well as Chinese fur farms that skinned animals alive.

Seiyo, Japan, Abolishes Pig Rodeos

After PETA sent a letter to the Japanese government—amid numerous public protests and petitions as well as a campaign by Animal Rights Center Japan—demanding an end to the country’s cruel annual pig rodeo event, a decision was made to ban it. The twisted spectacle allowed people to ride terrified pigs with the aim of staying on their backs as long as possible for a chance to win 50,000 Japanese yen.

Dubai Firefighters Are Heroes for Animals

Animal companions trapped in Sulafa Tower—one of Dubai’s tallest buildings—when it caught on fire were saved by members of the Dubai Civil Defence. The team received PETA’s Hero to Animals Award for making innumerable trips up the 75-story building in order to rescue residents’ dogs, cats, and birds.

Domino’s Japan Cancels Plans to Use Reindeer to Deliver Pizza

In a video released by Domino’s Japan last month, workers can be seen tying delivery boxes to reindeers’ backs and forcing them to haul a sleigh through severe winter weather. After PETA members and supporters urged the pizza chain to cancel this cruel plan, it did—and it used bikes made to look like reindeer instead.

The Kooples Goes Fur-Free

After meeting with a PETA France representative, French fashion brand The Kooples—which has stores in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, and other locations around the world—has announced that it will ban fur from all future collections.

We Spoke Up for Animals Throughout Asia

From showing people the best way to save water and our planet to protesting Hermès’ use of ostrich leather, our campaigns have made headlines, opened people’s eyes to cruelty, and convinced thousands to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle.

Our Work in China Is Breaking New Ground

Humans are changing how they treat animals in China—here’s proof.

Compassionate Celebrities Speak Out for Animals

Filipino actor and celebrity Rafael Rosell urged his fans to save lives by choosing healthy and humane vegan meals, while several Chinese celebrities, including Sun Li, Yang Mi, and Bo-Lin Chen, spoke out against fur.

More Lives Are Being Saved in a Cemetery

PETA’s Kapon/Ligation Immediately, Please (KLIP) program continues to spay or neuter and vaccinate a large number of cats and dogs living in a cemetery in the Philippines.

We couldn’t have achieved any of these victories without our many compassionate supporters, so thank you to everyone who was right there with us during this groundbreaking year.

Here’s to an even more epic 2017! Help us be a voice for animals next year and beyond by joining our Action Team: