Man Dragging a Dog Behind His Motorbike Is Yet Another Reason Why China Needs an Animal-Protection Law

Posted on by PETA

Dogs in China are at risk of enduring all sorts of horrors—from the country’s dog-meat and dog-leather industries to vicious attacks like this atrocious one.

Video footage, which has gone viral on Chinese social media sites, shows a man dragging a dog by a leash attached to his motorbike in southern China last week. Eventually, a couple stopped the man and paid him in order to rescue the dog and stop his or her suffering.

The video footage has caused an uproar among concerned Chinese netizens, and PETA is still in the process of identifying the man.

While PETA condemns all violence toward animals, we’re happy to see that netizens voiced their concerns about the man’s actions—it’s clear that people in China won’t stand for cruelty to animals and that the way the public views animals is changing. This incident is yet another reason why the country must implement animal-welfare laws—for the sake of all animals and because the public demands it.

This isn’t the first time that a viral video showing someone abusing a dog in China has caused outrage. In 2016, PETA rescued a dog who was filmed while being beaten for refusing to pull a man on a cart in Shanghai. Read Sugar’s rescue story here.

Animal Abusers Are a Danger to Everyone

People who abuse animals pose a threat to their entire community. Because China has no penalties for abusing animals, violent individuals like this man go unpunished. The abuse that some animals endure at human hands is heartbreaking, sickening, and infuriating. The acts of cruelty aren’t merely indications of a minor personality flaw—they’re symptomatic of a deep-rooted mental disturbance.

Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many go on to hurt other humans.

What You Can Do

Please urge your local law-enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and schools to take cruelty to animals seriously. Those responsible for protecting animals and our communities must send a strong message that violence against any living being—human or nonhuman animal—is unacceptable.