MMA Fighter Garreth McLellan Knocks Out Cruelty!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

When South African mixed martial arts fighter Garreth “Soldier Boy” McLellan isn’t ground ‘n’ pounding his latest opponent in the cage, he’s keen to speak out against dogfighting. His new “Knock Out Cruelty” ad for PETA keeps it simple: “Dogfighting is for cowards. Don’t do it.” And who in their right mind would want to argue with the Soldier Boy on that?!

Unlike Garreth, dogs used for fighting are not choosing to step up to their opponent. They are trained to fight through fear and punishment. Dogs after they have been forced to fight are left ripped apart, bloody, soaked in urine, unable to walk, and covered with cuts, bruises, and scars. The “losers” of these fights are often killed by their handlers.

Dogs used in dogfighting are deprived of a normal life from birth. When not being forced to constantly train or fight, these dogs spend their days in chains or caged in filthy conditions. Their ears are often cut off in order to prevent other dogs from latching onto them. In order to make the dogs more aggressive, handlers chain or cage the animals just out of each other’s reach. In order to increase their upper-body strength, dogs are sometimes forced to run on treadmills, and weights are added to their chains. To create a “killer pit bull,” irresponsible handlers typically provoke, physically abuse, and otherwise torment dogs until the animals become aggressive.

If you suspect that dogfighting is happening in your neighborhood, contact local law-enforcement authorities. Animals our not ours to exploit, so please speak up for them whenever you can.

Posted by Claire Fryer