Philippines: Accidentally Vegan Supermarket Food List

We’ve come up with a list of popular “accidentally vegan” products that you can find at most local supermarkets in the Philippines. If you’re on the run, you can even find some of these at your local 7-Eleven, Mini Stop or sari-sari store!

Don’t see your favorite vegan snack on this list? Let us know!

Happy shopping!

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Savory Snacks

Boy Bawang Cornick – Garlic *
Ding Dong * – Mixed Nuts, Snack Mix, Hot & Spicy
Farmer John Premium Potato chips – Simply Salted *
Garden of Eatin’ Red Hot Blues Corn Tortilla Chips
Happy Less Grease Peanuts * – Plain, Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Sweet Chili, Adobong Mani, BBQ
Herr’s Potato Chips Kettle Cooked
Jack n’ Jill Chicharron ni Mang Juan * – All flavor varieties except for  Sukang Paombong, Spicy Sisig, and Klasik Chicharon which is no longer vegan-friendly
Jack n’ Jill Potato Chips Vcut – Onion & Garlic *
Lay’s Potato Chips – Classic, Barbeque
Lay’s Stax Original
Lorenz Naturals Classic Potato Chips
Kangaroo Love at First Crunch * – Maple Glazed Cashews, Salted Cashews, Rosemary Pistachios
Kasugai Peas & You
Kettle Chips – Original Plain, Chili, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Maple Bacon, Backyard Barbeque
Marty’s Cracklin’ – All flavor varieties except for Chicken Inasal which is no longer vegan-friendly
Monde One One Rice Snack *
Nagaraya Cracker Nuts – Garlic
Nice Foods Roasted and Salted Almond Nuts
Nut Walker Mixed Nuts
Oishi Pods Pea Snack *
Oishi Potato Fries * – Tomato Ketchup, Plain Salted
Oishi Ridges – Garlic and Onion *
Pik–Nik – Original, Ketchup Fries, Fabulous Fries *
Planters Dry Roasted Pistachios
Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn – Natural
Prifood Big Munch Outback Supreme Potato Chips – Classic *
Pringles Original
Real Handcooked – Sweet Chili Flavour Potato Crisps, Sea Salt & Black Pepper Flavour Potato Crisps
Regent Golden Sweet Corn *
Regent Pumkin Crackers *
Ruffles Original Potato Chips
Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws
Simply 7 Quinoa Chips – Barbeque
Snacku Rice Crackers *
Tae Kae Noi Roasted Seaweed Snack – Hot & Spicy *
Terra Real Vegetable Chips – Original Sea Salt, Sweet Potato, Blues
Tobi – Pistachios Roasted Salted in Shell, Cashew Nut Roasted Salted *
Tong Garden Salted Pistachios
U.S. Foods Chip n Chips Classic Potato Chips *
W.K. Foods Corn Bits Special Mix
Wonderful Pistachios Classic Roasted Salted
Yasai Vegetable Flavored Snack * 


Candies and Chocolates

Alfredo Sugar Free Dark Chocolate; Mint Dark Chocolate; Almond Dark Chocolate; Dark chocolate covered almonds, raisins, or hazelnuts; Tiramisu dark chocolate-covered almonds
Go Organic Hard Candy – All flavors varieties except for Honey
Lindt Excellence 70% Cacao Chocolate
Philippine Brand Mango Balls
Polo Mints – Original
Torie & Howard Hard Candy – Pink Grapefruit & Tupelo Honey (doesn’t contain real honey), Blood Orange & Honey (doesn’t contain real honey), Pomegranate & Nectarine
Valor Dark Chocolate – 70% Cocoa Chocolat Noir, 70% Chocolat Noir – with Mediterranean Salt
Whittaker’s – 62% Cocoa Dark Almond Chocolate Block, 72% Cocoa Ghana Peppermint Chocolate Block



Back to Nature Madagascar Vanilla Wafers *
Back to Nature Rice Thin Crackers – Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, Sesame Seed
Fibisco Soda Crackers *
Lotus Biscoff Cookies *
Magic Flakes – Onion Chives *
Mcvitie’s Digestive The Original (Wheat Biscuits) *
Oreo * – Original, Chocolate, Double Stuff, Mint
Skyflakes * – Original, Garlic, Onion & Chives


*Note: If you can’t find vegan bread at your supermarket, all Pan de Manila plain, wholewheat and wholewheat sugar-free pandesal are vegan, as is their tasty, raisin, wholewheat and wholewheat sugar-free loafs. Try their cinnamon pandesal or malunggay pandesal for a great merienda.

Marby – Hotdog Rolls, Superloaf, Whole Wheat Bread
Olsen’s Hamburger Buns
Olsen’s Whole Wheat Junior Loaf
Village Gourmet Bagels – Plain, Blueberry, Cinnamon Raisin, Sesame Seed, Garlic
Uncle George Bread and Pastries Whole Wheat Loaf Bread
Ricci’s Bikkies – Pomodoro and Oregano, Herbed, Olive Oil and Sea Salt

bread pdm

Plant–Based Milks

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze – All flavor varieties
Califa Farms Almond Milk – All flavor varieties
Freedom Foods Extra Milky Soy Milk
Good Karma Flax Milk
Kirkland Soymilk – Original flavor
Pacific Rice Milk – All flavor varieties
Rice Dream – All flavor varieties
Silk Almond Milk– All flavor varieties
Silk Soy Milk – All flavor varieties
So Delicious Dairy Free Milk – All flavor varieties
Soy Magic – All flavor varieties
Vitamilk * – Choco Shake, Double Choco Shake, Thai Tea, Energy
Vitasoy Pure Soya Bean Extract
Westbrae Natural Westsoy Organic – Original Plain Soy Milk


Cereals and Oats

Arrowhead Mills Organic Oat Bran Flakes
Barbara’s – Organic Honest O’s (Original), Puffins Cereal (Original), Organic Corn Flakes
Barbara’s Shredded Wheat
Envirokidz – Corn Puffs Gorilla Munch, Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Leapin’ Lemurs
Essential Waitrose Corn Flakes
General Mills – Fiber One Cereal (Original), Vanilla Chex
Golden Oats Instant Oatmeal
Kellogg’s – All Bran Original, Coco Chex, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, Frosties, Raisin Bran, Special K, Crackin’ Oat Bran
Malt-O-Meal Cocoa Dyno-Bites
Muselix Harvest Fruit, Roasted Almond Crunch
Nature’s Path Optimum Power Blueberry Cinnamon Flax
Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus – Maple Pecan Crunch, Raisin Bran, Red Berry Crunch
Nature’s Path Qiá Gluten Free Oatmeal – Cinnamon Pumpkin Seed
Post Shredded Wheat Original Big Biscuit
Simply Cereal Caribbean Muesli Clusters
Sunny Select Bite Size Crunchy Corn Toasted Corn Cereal
Uncle Sam – Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes & Flaxseed, Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes & Raisins
Weetabix Whole Grain Cereal – Classic


Energy Bars, Granola Bars

Food for Health Fruit Free Bars – Chia, Almonds, & Pepitas
Grower’s Nutri Bar – All flavor varieties
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars – Apple Crisp, Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar, Peanut Butter, Pecan

granola bar

Pasta and Noodles

Nongshim Soon Veggie Ramen
Ottogi * – Jin Ramen Hot, Hot Noodle, Kimchi Ramen Noodles
Pereg Couscous – Tomato & Herbs, Cranberries, Pearl Pasta with Mushrooms
Sanyo Sopporo Ichiban Ramen Yakisoba Pack



Bisquick Original Pancake & Baking Mix
Bob’s Red Mill – Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix, Gluten Free Pancake Mix
European Gourmet Bakery Organics – Chocolate Organic Brownie Mix, Oatmeal Muffin Mix, Vanilla Organic Cake Mix


Frozen Goods

Golden Hash Brown
KG Pastry Vegetable Bun *
Marby Vegetable Lumpia
Sae Ah Chim – Vegetable Gyoza Dumpling, Hand-made Vegetable Dumpling, Vegetable Boiled Dumpling



Best Foods Peanut Butter *
Bonne Maman – Strawberry Preserve, Bitter Orange Marmalade
Cascadian Farm Organic – Blueberry Fruit Spread, Strawberry Fruit Spread
Casino Bio Strawberry Jam
Clara Olé – Mango Jam, Guava Jelly, Pineapple Jam
D’arbo All Natural Double Fruit – Double Fruit Wild Blueberry, Garden Strawberry, Raspberry without Seeds
Full Circle European Strawberry Fruit Spread
Henry’s Harvest Tropical Delight
Jif Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter
Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter *
Justin’s Maple Almond Butter
Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter Creamy, Sweet & Creamy Peanut Spread
Lily’s Peanut Butter, Crunch Peanut Butter *
Ludy’s Sweet and Creamy Peanut Butter *
Molinera Orange Marmalade
Natural Directions Almond Butter
Ozganics Organic Strawberry Spread
Peanut Butter & Co. – Dark Chocolate Dreams *
Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter
Queen Bee Peanut Butter
Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter
Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter
Smart Balance Chunky Natural Rich Roast Peanut Butter *
Smuckers – Concord Grape Jam, Red Raspberry Preserves, Strawberry Preserves, Apricot Preserves, Orange Marmalade
Sun Harvest Peanut Butter – Extra Creamy, Extra Chunky
Sunny Select – Strawberry Preserves, Red Raspberry Preserves
Tar 10 Sticky Fig for Cheese
The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams and Marmalades – All flavor varieties except Mango White Chocolate
Tropical Strawberry Jelly
Welch’s Concord Grape Jelly


Sauces and Marinades

Amy’s Premium Organic Pasta Sauce – Tomato Basil
Barilla – Tomato & Basil, Mushroom
Clara Olé Pasta Sauce – Chunky Tomato with Basil, Kung Pao
Dole Spaghetti Sauce – Sweet Style Filipino
Gourmet’s Putannesca
Hunts Pasta Sauce – Traditional, Garlic & Herb
La Preferida Thick n’ Chunky Salsa
Leggo’s Providore Series – Provincial Italian Tomatoes with Grilled Peppers
Mezzetta Homemade Spicy Marinara Sauce
Muir Glen Organic – Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce, Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Ozganics Organic French Dressing
Papa Alfredo – Tomato & Garlic, Tomato & Mushroom, Bolognese
Prego Italian Sauce – Fresh Mushroom, Traditional
Tesco Bolognese Pasta Sauce Jar
Tesco Everyday Value Pasta Sauce
Tree Top Apple Sauce – No sugar added
Victoria – Tomato Basil
Victoria Vegan – Vegan Alfredo Sauce, White Bean Marinara


Syrups and Toppings

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Powder
Hershey’s Syrup – Genuine Chocolate, Special Dark Chocolate
Springfield Chocolate Flavored Syrup
Tesco Drinking Chocolate Powder
Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip

chocolate sauce

*Contains palm oil

Although this product contains no animal-derived ingredients, it does contain palm oil. Orangutans and other animals are affected by the spread of palm oil plantations, and some people choose to avoid these products for this reason.

PETA supports the move toward truly sustainable palm oil operations that (among other things) use land that has already been cleared, invest in increasing crop yield, and refrain from clearing land for new plantations.

Though some groups call for a boycott of palm-oil products or companies that use palm oil, many environmental and animal-protection groups—including ones that focus on the well-being of primates displaced by palm-oil plantations—agree that such a boycott would result in the following two major problems:

  1. It would drive the price of palm oil down to a point where already-high demand is further increased.
  2. It would promote the development of other tropical oils that are less efficiently grown than palm oil and would contribute to more deforestation and habitat loss.

To those who can avoid all tropical oils, we say: Go for it. Purchasing locally sourced, tropical oil–free household products and foods is a great way to ensure ethical sustainability. We also encourage consumers to urge companies that have been dragging their feet on this important issue to commit to using truly sustainable palm oil and to let them know that you won’t buy their products until they do so.


The items listed are specific to the Philippines and some items may not be vegan in other countries. Products change ingredients often, so be sure to double-check the label. If you notice that something on this list is no longer vegan in the Philippines, please notify us.


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