Pacquiao Opponent ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley Has a Soft Spot for Animals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

He might not be the hometown favorite when he squares off against Manny Pacquiao this weekend, but “Sugar” Shane Mosley will be gaining animal-loving fans left and right with his new anti-dogfighting ad, recently released in the Philippines.

“My opponents and I know that when we step into the ring, we choose to be there and that if we don’t come out on top, we can at least walk away. Dogfighting isn’t like that. Dogfighting is dirty, it’s cruel, and it’s a loser’s game,” says Mosley. See more of what Mosley has to say about dogfighting in this video.

Dogfighting is a vicious blood sport that leaves animals mangled and maimed. Even though it is illegal in the Philippines, dogfighting continues to thrive and is kept hidden from public view. PETA has seen dogs after they were forced to fight—they are left ripped apart, bloody, soaked in urine, unable to walk, and covered with cuts, bruises, and scars. The “losers” of these fights are often killed by their handlers.

Join Mosley in speaking up for animals—never patronize animal fights, and always report illegal operations to authorities.

Posted by Rochelle Regodon