Photos: ‘Grim Reaper’ Haunts Forever 21 in Seoul, Tells Company Sheep Suffer for Wool

Posted on by PETA

Today, a scary, Halloween-themed PETA “Grim Reaper” descended on the Forever 21 store in Seoul to remind the company that sheep suffer for wool.

Shoppers were horrified to learn that sheep are beaten and mutilated for wool sweaters, coats, and scarves and that Forever 21 is profiting from this cruelty to animals.

Despite numerous PETA exposés revealing horrific cruelty to frightened lambs and sheep at wool operations around the world, Forever 21—which recently filed for bankruptcy—refuses to stop selling wool.

How many more times must we expose the cruel treatment of sheep in the wool industry before Forever 21 does the right thing?

The only acceptable answer is zero.

So join us in demanding better from the company. As a shopper who wants to support retailers that don’t cause animals to suffer, you can make a difference. Click below to urge Forever 21 to drop wool immediately in favor of the many beautiful, warm, animal-friendly materials available today made from recycled plastic bottles, bamboo, organic cotton, modal, rayon, and hemp—many of which outperform wool.

Are you on Instagram? Head over to Forever 21’s Instagram page and post a comment on the company’s posts asking it to drop wool and to use only vegan materials. Make sure that you’re following @never_forever_21, and include the hashtag #Never 21 when you comment.