Show Luo Takes a Stand Against Animal Homelessness

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Luo Show, Adopt Don't Buy Show Luo has a special costar in his brand-new ad for PETA: Sammy, a very lucky dog who was rescued from an animal shelter.

In Taiwan and around Asia, thousands of unwanted dogs are picked up by local authorities and euthanized every year for lack of loving homes. Many more are left languishing in animal shelters across the country. Sadly, recent reports indicate that the number of animals abandoned each year is increasing while the number of  people adopting them is decreasing.

Breeding facilities, pet stores, and kennels continue to make the homeless-animal crisis worse. These profit-driven businesses are notorious for offering little comfort and care to the animals they buy and sell, and they continue to produce animals under cruel conditions even though millions of cats and dogs are already languishing in animal shelters around the world. PETA Asia and Show Luo encourage everyone who has the time, love, and resources for a dog or cat to visit an animal shelter and adopt an animal in need.

Posted by Ashley Fruno