South African Activists: When It Comes to Cruelty, Nobody Does Chicken Like KFC!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

There’s certainly a lot more to South Africa than vuvuzela horns (I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of those horns!) and safaris—when I was there earlier this year for a World Cup demo, I got a chance to meet many amazing local activists!

South Africa Cage Demo

Many of these awesome acties recently wriggled into small cages in Jo-burg to remind people that chickens on factory farms who are condemned to be served in KFC’s buckets suffer a fate worse than death: they are confined in massive warehouses, tormented and abused by uncaring workers, and often scalded to death. These South African guys (and gals) may come from the Rainbow Nation, but they are definitely united against KFC cruelty!

Want to get on board and help end the suffering of chickens? Simply put down that drumstick and stop eating at KFC!

Posted by Ashley Fruno