Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons Why Being a Part of PETA Asia-Pacific Rocks!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

1.      You Get to Work on Something You Care About

“Working for PETA is not an easy job,” explains PETA Asia-Pacific Director Jason Baker. “But you’re working to help end the suffering of millions of animals throughout the region. And that’s the best reason to get up in the morning!”

2.      You Get to Travel

Whether it’s unveiling an investigation video in Jakarta or running around Tokyo dressed in a bunny suit, we travel far and wide throughout the region to raise awareness of animal suffering.

3.      You Get to Work With a Great Community of People

“Working with an office full of fellow vegans is refreshing,” says Katrina Lugartos. “We can talk about new vegan restaurants, swap recipes, and find out where to get the best cruelty-free makeup!”

4.      We Provide Lunch

No need to make food before work or head out to find some in the middle of the day. We provide everything from tofu pesto sandwiches to fresh spinach lasagne.

5.       Naked Protesters  

From donning teeny-weeny bikinis made of lettuce to “wearing” only a thin layer of colored bodypaint, PETA’s beauties bare all to draw attention to the plight of animals! Who doesn’t love naked chicks?

6.      You Can Work in a Diverse Office Culture

“PETA Asia provides an awesome multicultural environment,” explains Ashley Fruno. “It’s great to work with people from different backgrounds—I even got a recipe for authentic pad Thai from a Thai intern!”

7.      Awesome Office Space

Located on the seventh floor of a building in the central business district of Manila, the PETA Asia campaigns office is pretty awesome and features Zen-like tabletop bamboo shoots, plush faux-leather couches, and blonde-wood flooring.

8.      Outreach Opportunities

You never have to experience the boredom of sitting in an office for eight hours a day. PETA Asia offers numerous outreach opportunities—everything from hitting the streets and passing out leaflets to tabling at rock concerts.

9.      There’s Something for Everyone!

Whether you’re great at networking and meeting people or are more comfortable doing research, PETA has a wide variety of different campaigns, ensuring that there’s something for everyone!

10.   It’s a Great Way to Upset Your Parents (at First!)

“When I first told my folks that I was working for PETA, they weren’t too thrilled; they wanted me to be a lawyer!” admits Edward Basse. “But now, they love my work, and even my dad wants to go vegan!”

Want to join our team? We’re hiring! For more information on available positions and how to apply for them, stop by our job opportunities page by clicking here!

Posted by Rochelle Regodon