Victory: Cruel Bull-Chasing Competition in Malaysia Canceled After PETA Asia Appeal

Posted on by PETA

After learning that Malaysia’s Astro television channel was planning to hold and broadcast a jallikattu competition this month at the Selangor Turf Club, PETA Asia informed it that jallikattu violates Malaysia’s Animal Welfare Act 2015, which provides penalties for cruelly beating, kicking, overloading, torturing, or terrifying animals. As a result, the competition was canceled.

During inspections of jallikattu events by the Animal Welfare Board of India, it was found that terrified bulls were often given substances such as alcohol to disorient them and that their tails were twisted and bitten. They were also stabbed and jabbed with sickles, spears, knives, and sticks and were punched, jumped on, and dragged to the ground.

What You Can Do

Tell Indian officials to protect bulls from cruelty by keeping bullfights and similar events illegal.