‘Accidentally’ Vegan Asian Snacks You Should Try Right Now

These life-changing Asian snacks happen to be vegan!

(Although they  are normally vegan, please always check the ingredients before digging in.)

Haw Flakes

A bit of nostalgia for tea earlier today ? #hawflakes

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Unwrap these paper rolls to find a stack of cute pink disks made from the berries produced by the hawthorn tree. Haw flakes have just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth—at least temporarily. They are popular in China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

Wasabi Peas

Peanuts have nothing on wasabi peas…..for real though! #wasabipeas #hapisnacks

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This crunchy snack is made from dehydrated peas and coated in wasabi seasoning. Be warned, though: It’s very spicy, and your nose will tingle after popping a couple into your mouth.

Grass Jelly Drink

อร่อยเว่อร์ ความเฉาก๊วยอย่างแท้จริง เฉาก๊วยปลอมที่ญี่ปุ่นแก้วละร้อยกว่าบาทหลบไป !! นังวันนาบี I totally love this grass jelly drink! ❤️ #grassjellydrink #chaoguay #thaigrassjelly

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Although this Asian dessert looks like it might contain gelatin, thankfully, it doesn’t. You can enjoy grass jelly knowing that no animals were harmed in the production of this dark-green minty sweet treat.

Tamarind Candy

my favorite #moniegold chewy tamarind candy! 🙂 ?? #tamarindcandy #sampalok

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Sweet-and-sour tamarind candy comes from the tamarind fruit.



Two words: glutinous rice. It’s a yummy, chewy rice cake that’s subtly sweet. There are many different types of mochi: Daifuku, for example, is a soft round mocha stuffed with a sweet filling, such as sweetened bean, sesame, or peanut paste, while the more exotic ichigo daifuku contains a whole strawberry inside.

Roasted Seaweed


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… Looking at things in a different light … seaweed ??? … nice little snack . . . #seaweed #roastedseaweed #jayone #snack #nocarbs #healthysnack #gesund #fitlifestyle #fitfam #fitness #nutrients #foodporn #foodpic #asianfood #machdichwahr #cleverfit #mcfit #fitx #johnreed #weightloss #diet #dietfood #eatingclean #green #jayoneseaweed #seaweedsnack #seetang #vancityeats #vancityfood

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Seaweed—nature’s snack—is full of umami. A little salty, roasted seaweed is great for satisfying your chip craving, and it’s probably one of the healthier options on this list.

Botan Rice Candy

If you are #asian the joy here requires no explanation #botanricecandy #japan #comfortfood

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This traditional Japanese treat is the dream of dreams. Inside a small box, you’ll find little soft and chewy candies wrapped in a layer of edible rice paper. And you’ll also get a sticker prize.

Rice Crackers


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A bit sweet, a bit savory, these are such a treat—perfect for a midday crunch. Sometimes, you can find them wrapped in seaweed or drizzled with sugar.

You can get creative with your rice crackers and add your favorite plant-based toppings!

Coconut Water

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Popular all over Asia, this refreshing drink is perfect to help you get through the sweltering summer months.


Taho is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal and sago pearl (similar to tapioca pearls) This is sweet staple comfort food that can be found any where around the country sold by taho peddlers. The Indonesian and Malaysian equivalent of this snack is tauhue. #Taho #FilipinoFood #PhilippineStreetFood #KnowHistory #KampeonCo

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Made from silken tofu, brown-sugar syrup, and sago pearls, this is the ultimate vegan street-food dessert in the Philippines. Variations of this dessert exist all over Asia, where it’s known as douhua in Chinese-speaking countries, tau hua in Malaysia and Singapore, kembang tahu in Indonesia, taohuai in Thailand, and tau hu in Vietnam.

Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Trail mix for the road! Goji berries, roasted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. #backtomobay #trailmix #gojiberries #roastedsunflowerseeds #pumpkinseeds

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In-shell sunflower seeds are popular in Asian countries, where they can be bought freshly roasted on the street, sprinkled with a little salt. Why not try roasting your sunflower seeds at home for a healthy snack?


You can find a number of other vegan snacks that are equally yummy at Asian grocery stores and in the international foods aisle at larger supermarkets. Remember to check the ingredients to make sure that they’re free of dairy foods, eggs, gelatin, and carmine. And just like that, you’ll be all set to get your (cruelty-free) snack on.