Top 10 Tips to ‘Veg Up’ Your Christmas!

During the holidays, we are given the extra opportunity to spread the message of compassion through delicious vegan food that inspires our loved ones to extend their circle of compassion too. Here are 10 tips to help veganize many a holiday dinner:

1.      Veganize Old Favorites!

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to create new recipes! Use vegetable broth and vegan margarine in green-bean casserole and baked stuffing.

2.      Plan Ahead.

If you’re eating out or attending a catered holiday party, call the restaurant or the catering company ahead of time to make sure that something can be prepared for you.

3.      Don’t Forget the Centerpiece.

No one will miss the meat if you make a scrumptious nut roast or a turkey loaf.

4.      Spread the Cheer.

If you’re dining at someone’s house, offer to bring something vegan. Who knows? Your tangy lemon sugar cookies or succulent tofu barbeque may be reason enough for them to take our Pledge to Go Veg!


5.      Ask for the Greatest Gift of All.

Ask loved ones to go vegan for a week instead of purchasing a gift for you. 

6.      Forgo the Butter!

Use nondairy margarine instead. Try Earth Balance or Nuttelex brands.

7.      Swap That Milk.

Use soy milk in place of regular milk for creamy mashed potatoes that everyone will love.

8.      Go Faux for the Fresh Loaf.

When baking the holiday bread, be sure to use an egg replacer and dairy replacer in place of eggs and milk.

9.      Dish Out Great Hors D’oeuvres!

Check out these recipes—just make sure everyone isn’t too full for the main course!

10.  Look It Up!

Still not sure about what goes into the perfect vegan cake or what to use in place of gelatin? This handy substitution guide will answer all your vegan cooking questions.

These tips are sure to help create a holiday feast that will please every palate, giving everyone—including animals—something to be thankful for this holiday season.


Posted by Jason Baker