Disturbing Video Shows Sushi Still Moving After Being Served

Posted on by PETA

If your food is still wriggling around when it’s served—and it’s not vegan jell-o—then something’s really wrong.

That’s what a diner experienced when he went to Sushiro, a popular kaiten-zushi (conveyor-belt sushi) chain based in Japan. When he received his order of freshly cut clam sushi, the body parts were still moving and even appeared to respond to touch! Check out the disturbing video below:

Sea animals feel pain, too.

Clams, like any other animal, are simply too cool to eat!

Clams are pretty awesome creatures: They can escape from danger by burrowing into the sand. They also suck in ocean water to feed on bacteria and phytoplankton, and they ingest pollutants and other harmful chemicals and send clean, filtered water back into the sea!

They can live for up to 35 years, but most are harvested at only 2 years of age. It’s been scientifically proven that aquatic animals like fish, lobsters, and crabs can feel pain. We know that clams protect their soft bodies by growing strong shells and make every effort to escape bodily harm. They deserve the benefit of the doubt, so let’s assume that they can feel pain, too.

Why hurt other living, sentient beings—especially when there are so many delish vegan options out there?

Feeling inspired? Go vegan.

Clams are amazing animals, and we don’t need to kill and eat them to survive. They deserve to live safely in the ocean, not to be served on a pile of rice.