Race Against Time to Save Crocodile With Tire Stuck Around Neck

Posted on by PETA

A crocodile regularly spotted in Indonesia’s Palu River has spent the past two years living with a motorcycle tire tightly squeezed around his or her neck. Conservationists fear the tire could be killing the young crocodile, who has been seen gasping for air, and the situation will only worsen as the animal continues to grow. It’s not known how the tire became stuck there.

Local volunteers have worked hard to lure the crocodile onto the riverbank in order to free the animal, but their attempts have so far been unsuccessful. A conservation group is determined to spare the crocodile the grisly fate of death by strangulation and will place an iron trap in the river when water levels are low in order to trap the animal safely and remove the tire.

What You Can Do

Don’t interfere with wild animals, and always leave them in peace in their natural habitat. And remember: Never, ever litter—animals of all kinds mistake trash for food or shelter. Securely cover garbage cans and recycling bins so that animals can’t get into them and become trapped. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for other people’s trash, too. Picking up discarded items and encouraging others to dispose of waste responsibly could mean the difference between life and death for an animal.