Top 10 Tuesday: Things You Didn’t Know About PETA

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Think you know all that there is to know about PETA? Think again! The following are some fun facts about us that may come as a surprise:

1. Our canine coworker, Grace, runs the place! You can read about Grace’s rescue on our blog.

rescued dog Grace

Grace, enjoying one of her many daily walks

2. Many of our people started out as interns—including our vice president, Jason Baker.

Jason Baker PETA baby protest

Jason Baker, at a protest during his time as a PETA U.S. intern, dressed as a baby! (he doesn’t know we’re posting this)

3. PETA staffers don’t just work at our desks. We regularly leaflet on street corners, in front of fur shops and embassies, and other places. We also take our Mali costume and other animal mascots out to hit the streets with us!

Mali the elephant leafleting

4. Along with our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter sites, our Chinese team is constantly updating Weibo and QQ—check it out!

Grace PETA Weibo

Grace checking out the latest news on Weibo

5. In lieu of a state-of-the-art and spacious work space, we have a small but cozy office. Renting the cheapest office space on the street lets us use our funds for what counts: helping animals!

PETA Manila office

PETA’s Manila campaigns office

6. We rock while we work. Most of us have headphones on as we write, brainstorm, and coordinate projects. Right now, I’m listening to the Glee soundtrack.


7. We eat. A lot. And many of our staffers are wicked awesome cooks.

Almond ginger cookies

I recently made these almond ginger cookies for my colleagues

8. We don’t just work in Asia and the Middle East. We also work with activists throughout Africa.

PETA protest fur South Africa

A PETA event in South Africa during the 2010 World Cup

9. We don’t stop saving animals when the office closes. Our staffers love helping animals in their free time.

PETA staffers bathing dog

PETA staffers and interns giving some love to a chained dog

10. All the celebrities who work with PETA donate their time and talents to help animals. Thanks to their kindness, millions of people are able to learn about animal rights.

Manila models free Mali

Models and entertainers supporting the campaign to free Mali

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