PHOTOS: PETA Members Confined to Cage for #YearOfTheChicken

Posted on by PETA

Members of PETA led a protest in Chinatown, Manila before the start of the Year of the Chicken to remind tourists and shoppers that they can spare chickens immense suffering on farms and in slaughterhouses by going vegan.

In the meat industry, chickens are kept in crowded cages or barns, where many barely have room to turn around. They are genetically manipulated and dosed with antibiotics, which makes them grow so large so fast that many suffer from organ failure or become crippled under their own weight. After six weeks in these horrible conditions, they’re roughly thrown into cages that are stacked on the back of a truck and then shipped through all weather extremes to a slaughterhouse.

The Year of the Chicken is the perfect time to start practicing compassion for chickens and all animals by choosing delicious plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.