Rat Sticks Up for His Friends, Chicken Gets Arrested

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

What?! It’s been a busy week here at PETA Asia! Besides giving former U.S. Vice President Al Gore a friendly reminder that stuffing your mouth full of steak while talking about the consequences of climate change is just a little hypocritical, our “rat” paid a visit to the High Commission of India in Malaysia in order to protest an Indian company’s plans to open an animal testing facility in the country, while our “chicken” was apprehended by Singaporean police moments after stepping out of the taxi in front of a local KFC.

Indian company Vivo Bio Tech, has expressed its intention to use dogs and monkeys in experiments in order to test drugs at a planned facility in Malacca, Malaysia. Indian law requires minimum standards of care for animals in laboratories—including shelter, food, and veterinary care—but Malaysia has no such regulations.

To add to our efforts to stop the lab from being constructed, our “rat” was joined by local activists—including Malaysian Senator Dr. S. Ramakrishnan and Miss World Malaysia Thanuja Ananthan—pleading, “Don’t test on my friends.”

PETA Chicken Protests KFC, Kota KinabaluRepresentatives from the local SPCA were also on hand and presented copies of their memorandum to a representative from the Indian High Commission. They also collected signatures on their petition, which they will later send to the government.

Meanwhile, a chicken resembling the one on the left made an appearance at a local KFC in Singapore to protest the company’s refusal to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens in supplier farms and at slaughterhouses. Unfortunately, the chicken was arrested seconds later after stepping out of the taxi. A sad fact, considering that this bird only intended to draw attention to the way that the more than 1 billion chickens slaughtered for KFC’s buckets every year live and die …

Posted by Jason Baker